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I am Lisbeth Kamau a Kenyan-based content producer who loves to create awareness, spark curiosity, and shift perspectives with experience in communication expert with more than 5 years of experience in technical content production and project management. I can cultivate and manage your online presence by orchestrating online campaigns and producing quality content.

I am an Experienced communication expert

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela. A seasoned professional with expertise in content creation, post-production, and digital market with a primary focus on the African landscape. With a solid foundation in communication and production, I have a proven track record in successfully executing digital communication strategies.

I’m a highly skilled and self-driven specialist in technical content production and project management. My expertise ranges from videography, photography, editing, design, business development, and digital marketing. I also have experience with audio design and editing, audio-visual script writing, project management, and project proposal development. I have honed my specialization in the realm of climate actions and initiatives, making a positive impact on this crucial niche.

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"Unlock the Power of Effective Communication Today! With my wealth of experience and expertise.

Services Offered

Let me make a lasting impact through clear, compelling, and influential communication. Together, we can shape narratives, drive change, and leave a legacy. 

Videography services

I do photo shoots for different events, documentaries etc.

Photography services

I do photo shoots for different events, documentaries, articles, infographics.

Video and Audio Editing

I do audio and visual post-production to ensure quality content.

Graphic design

I create visual concepts that capture attention, inspire and inform your audience.

Digital Marketing

I promote businesses and products using online channels with extensive knowledge of social media

Directing & Copywriting

I translate scripts into videos and guide the crew to create a quality end product.

"Transform your communication, amplify your influence. Let's start a conversation today."


I am an experienced content creator, editor, and communication expert with a specialty in production. My dedication lies in supporting the realization of different kinds of film projects.

Clients I have Worked With

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